As Android fans will know, if you go into the your phone's Settings, then About Us, then start furiously tapping the bit where it says Android version you will get a fun hidden Easter egg of an animation.

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Previously it has been flying Androids, sprinkled doughnuts, jelly beans with a smiley face, and all sorts. This time, in Android 4.4 KitKat you are presented with a "K" that circles waiting to be touched, and then when you do, it disappears and the Android logo in the same style as a KitKat logo appears in glorious red and white full screen (as above). 

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Pressing it and holding again then turns up a Windows Phone-style page with a number of tiles of past Android images like a doughnut and jelly bean. Cute, simple, but also very apparent just how far this marketing partnership has gone. Clever Nestle, very clever.