BBM has arrived on Android and iPhone but without the cheers of welcome that were expected from its many fans. In fact it arrived with plenty of complaints about features lacking - the most prominent of these being video sharing.

Now Andrew Bocking, executive vice-president of BBM for BlackBerry, has said that the totally free service will be supporting video and voice sharing "within months". This service is currently available only to BlackBerry users.

Another service is BBM Channels which the company plans to use as a means to monetise the service. It adds a social networking feature allowing users to gain followers and share content like on Twitter, except with ads.

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How BBM expects to compete with an ad-free service is puzzling at this stage. But the more imminent threat, WhatsApp, is being tackled head on as BBM gains video and voice sharing to keep up with the already well established cross-platform app.

On Tuesday, BlackBerry boasted that its BBM app had been downloaded 10 million times on Apple and Android devices in the first 24 hours after its launch.