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(Pocket-lint) - When Google reported its third-quarter earnings this afternoon, CEO Larry Page took a moment to tell Wall Street that he planned to stop joining earnings calls for a while.

He spoke in a quiet, hoarse and shaky voice. The same voice we've heard for well over a year now. His condition stems from paralysed vocal chords caused by Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which he's previously disclosed.

However, his voice apparently has nothing to do with his absence from future calls. "I wanted to let you know that going forward, I won’t be joining every earnings call ... I know you all would love to have me on, but you’re also depending on me to ruthlessly prioritise my time for the benefit of the business," he explained.


Chief executive officers don't always have to report company earnings - for instance, Steve Jobs didn't join Apple's earnings calls. Google’s shares climbed to $53 in after-hours trading - despite Page's announcement - once quarterly financials went live, stacking $17 billion onto the company's stock market capitalisation.

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Aside from his busy schedule, Page also addressed products in his remarks. He reiterated that more than a billion Android devices have now been activated worldwide (1.5 million devices every day), and talked about his excitement over Chromebooks.

Page said Chromebooks are growing fast even though the laptop space is suffering, and he attributed their success to seamless updates and frequent improvements on security and usability. The CEO also touched upon the Moto X, noting that the device is still in its early days, but the team is working on marketing and distribution.

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From there, he briefly summarised other products such as Chromecast, YouTube, Search, voice and AdWords, emphasising each products' successes and achievements.

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"About two years ago when I became CEO again my goal was to ensure that Google maintains the passion and soul of a start-up as we grow," Page said. "It’s why I have worked so hard to increase our velocity and execution - so we create great products that people love to use and iterate fast to ensure they get better and better. Because great is just never good enough."

Finally, he thanked all the Googlers and Motorolans, and he told them to keep up the velocity and execution. Check out Page's Google+ post to read a transcript of his full remarks during the Q3 2013 earnings call.

Writing by Elyse Betters.