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(Pocket-lint) - When Google updated its terms of service so that it had the right to use your name and photo for advertising purposes, the internet recoiled in disgust. Well, maybe the outcry wasn't that bad, but protests have ensued, and one such strike has involved many Google+ users changing their profile photo to Eric Schmidt's mug.

Once you get over the shock that people actually use Google+, it really is quite amusing to see that there are more than a few profiles with Google's executive chairman set as their default profile photo. What's the purpose, you may ask? Well, those new shared endorsement adverts popping up across the Web now show Schmidt peddling things like the Chuck E Cheese restaurant chain or HBO's Girls.


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He's not really recommending those places or such things to see and do, but it's a way for Google+ users to boycott shared endorsements in adverts. They could just opt out of the initiative, which Pocket-lint fully described how to do, but it's certainly more poignant to see Schmidt appear next to their repurposed YouTube comments and long-forgotten recommendations.

When one user on Twitter alerted John Gruber, a popular blogger, of the fuss on Google+, he seemed confused by the whole demonstration. He thought Larry Page, Google's chief executive officer, should be the target of protests - rather than Schmidt. Either way though, the point is loud and clear.

Writing by Elyse Betters.