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(Pocket-lint) - Google has updated its terms of service which will go live from 11 November. They effectively give the software giant the right to sell-on any reviews you may have made on any Google service, including Google+ and YouTube.

This includes your image rights.

Facebook caused outrage with a two separate similar cases in the last few years. First it changed the terms of service for the social networking site itself, at the time claiming that all content posted belonged to the company not the user. And then it tried to enforce new conditions for its Instagram arm, which would have potentially allowed the firm to sell users' images to advertisers without further permission. It found, in the latter case certainly, that public opposition was so strong that it had to back down.

Google now faces a similar outcry, although it does explain that should you not want your opinions, comments and reviews to be eligible for advertising use, there will be an option to turn off the shared endorsements setting. That way it will not use your photo either.

If you leave the mode switched on, you could find yourself popping up in adverts on Google sites and across the web, wherever shared endorsement adverts are used. If you gave five stars to a garage, for example, you might appear in an advert for that garage.

Some might not worry about this, although Google will earn any money made from the ads, not you.

In addition to the changes in the way your reviews can be shared, the new terms of service also serve to remind you to use your mobile device safely and Google services, preferably not while driving - such as with Google Maps. And there are additional reminders on keeping your password safe and secure.

Writing by Rik Henderson.