Sometimes if you ask, Google will oblige. Perhaps one of the most requested requested features on Google Maps has been added to the preview version, as the company announced the ability to add multiple destinations to Google Maps. The feature will be useful, because if you go on a long-trip, who's not going to stop off to see landmarks along the way?

Available for driving, walking, and biking directions, once you’ve chosen a starting point, click '+' and add stops to your route by typing in the search box or clicking on the map. As you add more, you can drag destinations around in the order you want to go in. The multiple destinations are one of the latest features to be added to Maps since its redesign in the summer

google maps gains multiple destinations knows you want to make several stops image 2

Furthermore, Google has added the ability to locate flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations from within Google Maps. In a Google Now-like card, Google will show you information such flight times and instantly show your upcoming plans. "This info is available when you're signed into Google, and only you can see it," the company writes. Upcoming events for sports arena and concert halls will be listed, too. 

If you're interested in checking out the latest additions to Google Maps, check out the preview, but note they're US only for now. There's no word on when the changes will roll-out to the public. 

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