Another day, another leak. This time it's of an early Android 4.4 build.

Gadget Helpline has published some images of the build with obvious Key Lime Pie markings. That's the codename for Android 4.4 before the official KitKat name. The build is for Hammerhead, the device codename for the new Nexus phone, and it's from 28 August, so it's old. It still shows off some potential new features though, and it gives a glimpse at what we can expect to see when KitKat finally does rollout.

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There's a new printing option found in the Settings menu. This suggests native printing is coming to Android, and that's possibly thanks to Google Cloud Print. The Settings menu also has new slots for payments and mobile plan management. That second option, which is apparently now available on some custom ROMs, seems to direct users to their carriers' plan management site.

Other changes include a redesigned dialler, white notification bar icons like Wi-Fi, battery and clock, and new options found inside the menus of the photo editor. Because this build is a couple of months old, there are likely many more changes happening in Android 4.4. Still, it's fun to have an early look at what's changing or not changing.

Check out the gallery below for images of the early Android 4.4 build.