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(Pocket-lint) - On top of incorporating Google+ hashtags into Google Search and adding a cleaner look to Gmail for Android the California company has also issued updates to Google+ and Google Voice.

Starting with Google+, Google has significantly improved RAW-to-JPEG conversion on its social network. The site has supported full-size photo back-ups for almost a year, but today it officially supports RAW images from more than 70 different cameras.

The camera list include models from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony. Google said conversions will also look better and have a higher quality now, thanks to technology from Nik Photography.

it must be google s self improvement day google and google voice updated too image 2

As for Google Voice, many users have long waited for a huge update. The latest version is not that big an update, but it does pack one much-requested feature: SMS short codes. How do these work?

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If your primary phone number is connected to your Google Voice account, you'll now able to use these texting codes for online banking and other services without the message actually revealing your carrier number. This ability also brings a new warning that'll appear when attempting to send text messages to 911.

Google apparently wanted to roll out tweaks to its wide umbrella of products all in one day. No complaints here, though; updates simply mean the company isn't letting the product fall by the wayside.

Writing by Elyse Betters.