Google has released an update to Gmail for Android that helps it to align with the card-like design found on many of its apps and brings a "cleaner design" look for conversation view.

The new look breaks each message into a separate card. On top of this aesthetic change, Google has included more design tweaks like checkmarks for multiple message selection. This allows users to see what messages they are about to move, archive or delete.

Users can also tap sender images to select multiple emails in the conversation list. In addition, delete and archive actions now appear by default, and you can control the actions under Settings.

"As an added bonus the app will now tell you, right in your inbox, if account sync is off so that you won’t accidentally miss an important message again," explained Gmail via a post on Google+.

The update should be live in the Google Play Store now or over the next few days. It requires Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up.