In a world of hashtags, Google has announced a richer hashtag experience in Google Search. Now when you search for a specific hashtag, you'll receive relevant results from Google+.

For example, a seach for "#emmys" will yield the usual linked results, but will now also include relevant Google+ posts to the right. When you click on any of the Google+ posts, you'll be ushered to the Google+ website. Google Search will also let you see links to search for hashtags on other social sites.

Google's new feature follows a hilarious skit about hashtags in daily conversation, starring NBC's Latenight host Jimmy Fallon and actor/singer Justin Timberlake.

Google first jumped on the hashtag bandwagon in May, when it added released hashtags into the Google+ stream for categorisation of posts.

The update will be available (initially) to English language users on and It’ll be live within the next few hours, Google says.