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(Pocket-lint) - Online advertising network Chitika says Apple's latest mobile endeavour iOS 7 has reached 18 per cent of all iOS handsets and tablets in a 24-hour period since release. The numbers aren't official from Apple, but provide an overreaching look at how effective Apple's over-the-air delivery system for the latest versions of iOS really is. 

iOS 7 adoption numbers provide a grim look at the state of Android upgrades, as well. iOS 7 adoption beat Android 4.2 Jelly Bean in less than a day. According to official Google numbers, only 8.5 per cent of devices have Android 4.2 which was launched in October 2012 - looking at the unofficial data, Apple beat that in a few hours.


As for Jelly Bean as a whole (first released in July 2012), it still holds a lead over Apple at 43.1 per cent. At Apple's current rate, we suspect Google's lead in overall Jelly Bean won't be for long, if it hasn't ended already.

Another research firm, MixPanel, says the iOS 7 adoption rate has actually been much higher than Chitika reported. In 24 hours, MixPanel says iOS 7 hits on its network reached 35 per cent, with 22 per cent coming within the first 10 hours after iOS 7's launch.

Apple has been quick to advertise adoption rates in the past, noting in June that iOS 6 adoption reached 93 per cent of the 600 million iOS devices on the market. It's something Apple has always bragged about.

Most recently in an interview with BusinessWeek, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked Android versions: “And so by the time they exit, they’re using an operating system that’s three or four years old. That would be like me right now having in my pocket iOS 3. I can’t imagine it.” It helps that Apple has such a great relationship with carriers worldwide and develops everything in-house, unlike Google, which works with multiple manufacturers. 

iOS 7 was released to the masses on Wednesday, having brought what some are calling the biggest changes to iOS since its launch. 

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Writing by Jake Smith.
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