Google has announced a change to its logo, redefining the colour palette and letter shapes. The changes come as Google begins to refocus the way it designs online services. The Google logo is iconic, and people have to come to know and love (or hate) it. Google doesn't go into many specifics on the design changes - maybe we're supposed to draw our own conclusions. 

The designers' new work for Google doesn't stop at the logo. The company has got rid of the black navigation bar across its services and replaced it with an "Apps" grid, that is also present on Android devices and Chromebooks. The Apps grid is found in the top-right of the page, next to the Share and account menu. It loads Google services including Google+, Google Search, Play, News, and more. 

google redesigns logo rids of black navigation bar for apps grid image 2

If you don't see the design changes just yet - don't fret. The Mountain View-based company says it will roll out to users in the coming weeks.