Putting its 2012 acquisition of Snapseed to work, roughly a year later Google has announced editing tools within Google+ Photos. Using Photoshop-like functionality, Google+ users will now be able to make refinements and edits to their photos from within the web browser. 

First and foremost, the new tools give users the ability to auto enhance photos. Google will use its Snapseed technology to determine the correct amount of exposure, white balance, and other photo jargon your photo needs. You can customise and fine-tune these adjustments to your personal preference. 

Getting more technical, you can select certain parts of an image to edit. Say a field of grass or the blue sky in a photo need a touch-up, you can specifically select it to specifically adjust. Furthermore, since photo filters have become all the rage thanks to Instagram, Google has added the ability to apply the following filters: Vintage, Drama, Retrolux or Black and White, to your photos. You can also add a frame for a snazzy finishing touch.

To give the editing tools a try within Google+, open one of your own photos in Chrome and click on “Edit” in the lightbox. Google says you can always undo any changes you make or revert to the original image. If you don't use Chrome, you'll be tied down to basic crop and rotate functionality.