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(Pocket-lint) - Google has updated Street View with imagery from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China.

That will be a lovely addition for animal lovers, as more than 30 per cent of Giant Pandas - an endangered species - live at the conservation. Google specifically said people would be able to see the pandas "noshing on bamboo and tumbling around". How cute! The conservation is also home to other endangered species such as the smaller red panda.

Google Street View is a part of Google Maps and Google Earth, and provides panoramic views from around the world. It launched in 2007 in the US and has since expanded globally. Besides the Chengdu Research Base, Google explained in a blog post on Thursday that Street View also includes imagery from several other animal parks. Talk about lions, tigers and bears...oh my.

google street view visits the zoo captures panoramic views of china s giant pandas image 3

"In North America, you can see imagery from the world-renowned San Diego Zoo, as well as those in Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago - among others," wrote Google. "You can also explore the Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico, and the Toronto Zoo and Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park in Ontario, Canada."

Other zoos photographed for Street View include: the Buin Zoo in Chile, Zoologico de Bauru in Brazil, Shou Shan Zoo in Taiwan, Asahiyama Zoo in Japan, Singapore Zoo in Signapore, the Taronga Zoo in Australia, Zoo Safari Park Stukenbrock and Tierpark Hagenbeck in Germany, the Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, Parc Zoologic de Barcelona in Spain, La Ferme aux Crocodiles in France, Olmense Zoo in Belgium and Whipsnade Zoo in the UK.

A full gallery of all the zoo and animal park imagery is available on Google's new Views site.

Writing by Elyse Betters.