Google's Field Trip location-based app, previously available only for Android and iOS, has now finally landed for Google Glass, alongside a promo video that gives a preview of the entire heads-up, hands-free experience.

Google originally launched Field Trip last autumn, in a bid to help people engage with and discover the physical world around them while on the go. Touted as a kind of virtual guide, Field Trip points out things like a nearby film site of a famous movie or the history of a long-forgotten castle.

"Field Trip is your guide to the cool, hidden and unique things in the world around you. Discover the world's fascinating stories and local treasures with Field Trip on Google Glass," explained the Field Trip team on YouTube. "Stay 'heads up' as you explore and let Field Trip be your ultimate guide to local history, insider finds, design, architecture and more."

Speaking to CNET on Wednesday, John Hanke, the head of Google's internal start-up Niantic Lab that developed Field Trip, said Field Trip was actually "conceived with Glass in mind, but Glass wasn’t ready”. He even suggested Field Trip might converge with Google Now at some point.

To complement the release of Field Trip on Glass, Google made a promo video that shows a Glass-equipped man traveling around, reading Field Trip overlays of interesting stuff, and basically experiencing a Glass-guided tour of his trip. Check it out above.

Google Glass users in the Explorers program can get ahold of Field Trip for Glass starting today on the website.

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