Google Keep for Android and Chrome can now remind users of things like important tasks by both time and place. 

Google announced on Wednesday that its note-taking app is able to work with Google Now to remind users of - for instance - their grocery lists whenever they walk into grocery stores. Just select the “Remind me” button from the bottom of any note and set the type of reminder.

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There are time-based reminders for a date and time (or even general times like evening and morning), and location-based reminders that are easy to auto-fill due to suggestions from Google Keep. Google said users could even hit snooze on their reminders.

To complement reminders, Google Keep has a new navigation drawer. It serves as a way to view all upcoming reminders in one place and even lets users switch between accounts like business and personal. Google has likely added reminders and the navigation drawer in a bid make its simple note-taking app more relevant in a space bubbling with similar, feature-packed apps like Evernote.

Finally, yet importantly, Google Keep now offers a way to add photos to a note on Android. Just tap the camera icon and choose between taking a new photo and adding one from the Gallery.

Google clarified on its blog on Wednesday that the new Google Keep update is still rolling out to Google Play, but it is now live on the web and in the Chrome app.

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