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(Pocket-lint) - Google has updated the official YouTube for iOS app on Tuesday, bringing a slew of new features to the table in the app's biggest update yet. The update for iOS comes after Android's YouTube app received the same notable features on Monday, improving the video viewing across both platforms. In a blog post, the company explains the update by calling it "more Youtube in your YouTube apps".

Most notably, YouTube for iOS gained multitasking abilities so you can watch Miley Cyrus's twerking video a bit easier. Users can now send any video to a small preview screen in the bottom right by swiping down and pressing the down arrow in the top left. Alternatively, users can just press the back button. Users can therefore navigate and watch video simultaneously, resume full screen by tapping the preview, or exit the preview by swiping to the side. Sliding to the side will even fade the video's volume.

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Just like the Android app, you'll also find an update to the user interface of YouTube for iOS, adding a sleeker look that Google has begun deploying across its mobile apps. A slide-out navigation gives you access to several categories across YouTube, the ability to sign-in to your YouTube account, and access to settings. Search and navigating around videos are in typical YouTube fashion, and with the update, you can now search and browse channels for playlists.

Expanding on Chromecast functionality, you'll now find you can choose what to watch next. A preview screen will appear when your devices are connected and you select a video, with options to play the video or queue it up to watch next.

The YouTube for iOS update is now available on the App Store. Read more about the Android update from Monday.

Writing by Jake Smith.