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(Pocket-lint) - Google announced on Wednesday that it's rolling out a multi-platform Search update for all US English-speaking users on desktop, tablet and smartphone, which will allow them to retrieve information instantly if it's already available in Gmail, Google Calendar or Google+.

The update is ideal for people who have had trouble checking a flight status while on the go or seeing whether a package would arrive on time. In a post on the official Google blog, Google explained that users will now be able to access such info with Google Search if it’s in one of the aforementioned Google services.

Just tap the microphone icon instead of typing in a search query, and then ask a question. The update supports questions for flights, reservations, purchases, plans and photos. This type of functionality previously existed in Google Now, but now it's accessible with Google Search.


"For example, just ask or type, 'What’s my flight status?' or 'When will my package arrive?'" explained Google. 

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Users can also control whether they want the service on or off. Just click the globe icon at the top of the search results page to turn it off for that search session or visit the "Private results" section in search settings to turn off permanentlyThose who want additional details on today's update can visit the Inside Search site to learn more about supported questions.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Editing by Dan Grabham.