Google revealed on Thursday that it has begun to implement relevant ads into its Maps app for iOS and Android.

Beginning today, mobile Google Maps users can search for businesses - such as a local garden supply shop - and sift through both regular results and relevant ads. The ads - similar to regular results - include a title, text and a link to get directions, though Google Maps clearly identifies each ad in results with a purple "Ad" badge.

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Also like regular results, Maps users can swipe up on any ad to see more information about businesses. Google said it would serve up ads in Maps search results only when they were relevant to queries. Therefore, Maps users searching for a garden supply shop shouldn't see a promoted business for, say, bait and tackle. That said, ads might not always be for the closest business to a user's location.

Lastly, for those interested - to show ads on the Google Maps app, businesses need to add location extensions to their search campaigns or create an ad with AdWords Express.