The latest build of Chromium features the ability for users to open, reload and close tabs on an Android device without having to touch the device.

Developer François Beaufort wrote about the change on Thursday after digging through Chromium code review and noticing the following text string: chrome://inspect: Add “open”, “close” and “reload” actions to Devices tab.

To begin trying the feature, just enable USB Web debugging in Chrome 28 beta for Android, plug an Android device into a computer via USB, and then go to chrome://inspect on the computer. Finally, enter a URL and click on Open. You can also reload and close each Android tab from your computer.

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This type of functionality is particularly useful for developers and suggests Google is at least thinking of ways to link up Chrome on desktops with Chrome for Android.

Chromium is the open source web browser project from Google, and it's where Google Chrome - Google's freeware web browser - gets its source code. The browsers therefore share code and many features, although there are still differences.