Google wants more people to submit local reviews, so it plans to entice people into writing reviews by launching a City Experts program that promises goodies in exchange for their opinionated thoughts.

The new City Experts program is only open to Google+ users who have already submitted at least 50 reviews. To maintain an Expert-status membership, those same users must continue to write at least five reviews per month, which includes a couple sentences based on their experience at a business.

To express gratitude for the new revews, Google will then award City Experts. So, what do they get? Access to exclusive local events, free custom "swag" and special online recognition. Google said the invites to local event are ;currently available in the following cities: Austin, Birmingham (UK), Bristol (UK), Chicago, Edinburgh, London, New York, Portland (OR), Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco and Sydney.

City experts will also receive monthly newsletters and occasional emails regarding the Google City Expert program. If this sort of thing interests you, go to Google's City Expert page to sign up.