Google launched on Tuesday a new community website, called Views, which allows people to publicly contribute, share and geo-tag their photos spheres of places around the global to Google Maps.

To upload a photo sphere, sign into Views with your Google+ credentials and select the camera button on the top right. From there, simply import photo spheres from your Google+ photos. You can also upload photos to Views from the Gallery in Android devices. Just select "Share" and then Google Maps.

Views also includes the Street View Gallery, letting users check out various panoramas from popular Street View collections like the Grand Canyon and Swiss Alps. Click on “Explore” at the top of Views to see a map of collections alongside contributed photo spheres.

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Anyone with Android 4.2 or higher, including most Nexus devices, can create a 360-degree photo sphere. The video below gives a brief demonstration on how to create a photosphere. Google said panoramas created with a DSLR would also upload to Views.