Google introduced the Google+ Photos app for the Chromebook Pixel in June and said it would also launch for other Chrome OS devices. But a new report suggests the app might even release for Mac and Windows.

The unofficial Google Operating System blog reported on Thursday that the Google+ Photos app is now available in the Chrome Web Store, and the app's description interestingly details an auto-upload feature for Mac, Windows XP and 7 and Linux.

You have to switch to a language other than English, such as French, to see this information in the app's description. That said - the app is currently not working on Mac or Windows. Once installed, the following error message appears: "Google Photos is not permitted on this platform".

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The Google+ Photos app, which provides an easier way to back up, browse and share Google+ photos, is available for download on Google’s Chromebook Pixel website, but the page specifies that the app is still limited to the Chromebook Pixel.

So only time will tell if Google officially plans to release versions for Mac and PC.