It might not be as exciting as a new tablet or mobile software upgrade, but Google also announced on Wednesday that it would add textbooks to the Google Play store.

A new textbook section will appear on Google Play Books starting next month, and Google said it had already partnered with five major textbook publishers to offer a “comprehensive selection of titles" for subjects like law, maths, accounting, etc.

Alongside the ability to purchase textbooks, a rental option will allow users to pay less for a title over a six-month periods. Google claimed its new Nexus 7 tablet is ideal for students, so the launch of Play Textbooks would seem a logical move for the company.

google play store to add play textbooks section in august with titles from 5 major publishing houses image 2

Play Textbooks will be available starting in August, and Google said it would offer discounts of up to 80 per cent. Anything purchased will be able to sync across Android devices, but students can also access their purchased content on the web and through iOS.