Along with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, which it announced during its San Francisco announcement event, Google has launched Google Play Games, a new application for Android devices in order to "turbo charge your gaming".

The new hub brings together all of your games apps in one place plus a thumbnail list of your friends. It shows achievements, both unlocked and still locked. And leaderboards, including multiple per game depending on different levels or maps, allow you easily to see a comparison of your performance against your Google Play Games friends. A public leaderboard with the same tile-based design approach is also on offer.

The app also uses Google+ circles so that you can see what games those in a specific circle have been playing. That way, says Google, you can find out about new games you might want to try yourself. Just click on one and it will take you to the Google Play Store.

Google Play Games ships with the new Nexus 7 tablet, but is also available on the app store for download to other Android devices. It will be available later today.