Google held its Q2 2013 earnings call on Thursday, reporting an impressive $14 billion in revenue, as well as detailing the ever-growing popularity of Android OS.

Larry Page, Google's chief executive officer, gave a speech during the call, in which he repeated that consumers were making the shift from laptop to mobile in droves. This surge had created a "tremendous opportunity" for Google, Page explained, noting Android device activations have hit 1.5 million per day. 

"That’s pretty amazing given the first Android phone launched less than five years ago," Page said - while also bragging that Android had hit 900 million activations worldwide.

Android's 1-billion-activation milestone look as though it could be right around the corner at this rate. 

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As for apps - Android devotees have downloaded over 50 billion apps from the Google Play store. So, with Google Glass, smart watches, game console systems and more running apps these days, downloads - like activations - will only continue to soar.  

None of this is new information, of course, as the same Android stats emerged at Google I/O in May. Still, it is always interesting to hear Page reiterate praise.