While Google Glass apps are trickling out from developers for, essentially, other developers to try, Google is reportedly seeding the infrastructure needed to launch the device on a wider scale, with a hint that the Play Store will also carry "Glassware", the name given to its applications.

Android and Me found that as part of Google Play's recent refresh, "Google Glass 1" came up in a list of potential devices to which the new web version can install apps remotely. There's little other evidence, but this is fairly conclusive that Google will at least consider putting Glass-dedicated apps on the general Play Store, rather than create an all-new delivery system.

google glass to get access to play store  image 2

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the Google Glass 1 listing out of its greyed-out status, so it might just be a mistake to have included it so early in the wearable computer's lifespan. After all, the consumer release of Google Glass is not expected until 2014.

By then, the company will have had multiple updates, fixes and patches released, so the final version could be vastly improved over the one that went to developers earlier this year.

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