On the heels of its hotly disputed Google Reader shutdown, but just a few weeks before the killing of Latitude, Google will say goodbye to yet another one of its services called Alfred.

Alfred is an app that serves up recommendations based on location. Google acquired the app in December 2011 from developer The Clever Sense, with the intent of using its technology as a means of spearheading the daily deal recommendation sector. But roughly 20 months after a fast acquisition, Alfred will officially bid adieu on 19 July.

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Google seems to have a habit of shuttering acquired apps, including Wavii, Meebo, Jaiku, Slide and Aardvark, as first noticed by TechCrunchAlfred's abrupt and very quiet shutdown notice arrived via an alert within the iOS app, where Google warned users that they had until 12 July to request an archive of their data.

Google usually folds features from extinguished apps into more popular products, but it's unknown if Alfred's recommendation skills have made or will make their way into services like Google Now or Google Offers. With that said, check out Alfred now to grab an archive of places you've tagged before it's too late.