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(Pocket-lint) - While Nokia has been busy all morning unveiling its next Windows phone, Google has steadily improved products by pushing out updates for two of its most popular services. It also finally opened one of its more humanitarian-geared apps to the public.

Google Drive

Google Drive doesn't update too often, although it has made up for such lengthy wait intervals by boosting its copy-and-paste function on Thursday.

People can now paste formatted spreadsheet tables into Gmail - no matter which browser they use. Chrome users get an added bonus and can bring shapes from drawings into a slide.

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Google Maps

Google updated its Maps for Android app yesterday, but the company apparently removed offline-mapping support by eliminating a dedicated button. Google has now quickly corrected its mistake.

Google announced on Thursday that it's rolling out a "Make this map area available offline" button. Another improvement includes a "Where's Latitude?" item in the sidebar that reminds users that Latitude will shutdown on 9 August. Oh, and the Android app has added navigation support for 19 additional countries.

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One Today

Last but not least: Google launched One Today earlier this year but users had to request an invitation to join. Not any more. Starting today it's free to download for all US-based Android users.

One Today brings together people and non-profits through "the simple act of giving $1", offering users the opportunity to donate a dollar or more to a growing list of non-profit organisations. The app also presents a new project every day from a non-profit that is "changing the world".

Writing by Elyse Betters.