Google routinely updated its Android Developers Dashboard on Monday to show off distribution numbers, but the most recent data collected during the 14-day period ending on 8 July reveals that Jelly Bean has finally overtaken Gingerbread.

Android Jelly Bean is now on 37.9 per cent of devices. Specifically, Android 4.1.x is on 32.3 per cent of devices. That’s a 33 per cent increase from last month, with Android 4.2.x running on the remaining 5.6 per cent of devices. In other words, Jelly Bean is now the most-used version of the Android operating system.

As for Gingerbread, well - Google said it slipped to 34.1 per cent. Ice Cream Sandwich sits at third place with 23.3 per cent, followed by Froyo at 3.1 per cent and Eclair at 1.4 per cent. Honeycomb and Donut account for a meager 0.1 per cent each.

android jelly bean takes top spot now on more devices than gingerbread image 2

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"We believe the new data more accurately reflects those users who are most engaged in the Android and Google Play ecosystem," the Android Development team explained, noting that Google compiled the new data from each device that visited the Google Play Store.

The company previously - before April 2013, anyway - gathered numbers when devices checked-in to Google servers.