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(Pocket-lint) - Today's Google doodle celebrates the 66th anniversary of the famed Roswell incident, where an unidentified object was claimed to have crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The US government has insisted that the crashed craft was a surveillance balloon, but conspiracy theorists have long maintained that it was an alien spacecraft, containing the bodies of beings from another world.

Google's celebration of the event is presented in the form of a small adventure game, where you control an alien who has crashed landed on a farm. Its style is reminiscent of Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, the hugely successful application for iOS, and you simply have to find the parts of your craft in order to escape back to outer space.


If you're finding the game difficult to complete, here's a guide on how to finish it. Obviously, there are spoilers, so read on only if you are truly stuck:

- After you have crashed on a hill top, click down to where you'll find the first of three parts of your spacecraft.

- Head to the left where you will see a cow. Click on the rope tethering it (which will enter your inventory), and it will walk over to a round patch on the ground. It will open the entrance to a cave. Click on the entrance.

- Inside the cave, pick up the can of radioactive fuel. Use the can on the plant in the cave, which will grow. Click on the plant to climb out of the cave.

- Head right to the barn, where you will see another part of your ship on the roof. Click on the ladder and then on the horseshoe to pick it up. It will automatically be tied to the rope you acquired from the cow. Use the horse/rope on the ship and you will collect the second part. Click on the sack of chicken feed on the ground.

- Head right to a house and keep going until you reach a chicken. Use the chicken feed on the chicken and it will leave a feather. Click on the feather to put it in your inventory. Then use the radioactive fuel cannister on the tree, which will grow like the plant.

- Climb the tree and use the feather on the sleeping farmer. He will drop the third part of your flying saucer and you can then zoom off back to outer space. Job done.

You can also click on other parts of the scenery, but they don't really have an effect on the overall outcome. Try using the fuel can on the cow and the horse in the barn.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.
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