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(Pocket-lint) - Google loves cards. In fact, it loves cards so much that the Google Now functionality might soon jump from Android to Chrome.

CNET reported on Thursday that a notification pop-up had surfaced in a developer channel build of Chrome with the following permission request: ”Enable Google Now Cards — Would you like to be shown Google Now cards?”

The prompt apparently appears in both Windows and OS X Chrome builds. Specifically, in Windows, the card shows up in the status bar along the bottom. Mac OS X users can find it in the menu bar on top. The Windows version also offers a control panel setting for managing which web apps and extensions, such as Gmail, Twitter, etc., can send notifications.


Google Now is a year-old Android service that primarily answers questions, make recommendations and perform actions via web services. It displays such relevant data in the form of specialised "cards". It also passively serves up information that mobile users might want based on their search habits.

Google has continuously added new alerts and notification features to Google Now since launch. The company even announced the addition of location-based Google Offers cards and TV fact cards on Wednesday for the Google Search app on Google Play.

Such capabilities will likely find their way to desktop soon, if the newly discovered Chrome browser features ever publicly release, enabling Google to keep both Chrome and Android users equally well informed.

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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