The Google Search app has updated during Microsoft's Build conference with enough snazzy Google Offers and Google Now features to keep the focus temporarily away from Bing.

Jelly Bean users with Android 4.1 or later will now have access to information about shows they're watching on their internet-connected TVs with new Google Now cards. Users simply tap “Listen for a TV show” in Google Now to retrieve cards for TV shows. 

"So if you were watching Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon this weekend, with Google Now, you could learn that the 'King of the Wire' in fact holds seven Guinness World Records, including highest bike ride on a high-wire," explained Google in a Google+ post.

The feature is US-only at the moment, and it requires the HDTV and device to be on the same Wi-Fi network. 

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Another notable tweak to the Search app includes the ability to grab saved Google Offers when near a redemption location. This integration basically enables Google Now to send reminders when users are near a place where they have a saved offer. The service will pull up the offer in a card so users can show it quickly and easily.

Google also specifically updated Google Search so that it could play music from a phone or the Play Store with just a simple voice action. Speaking of voice, Google Search introduced voice action tips with Wednesday's update. 

The new Google Search - complete with cards and new Google Now features - is now live on Google Play.