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(Pocket-lint) - Google is internally testing a new service called Google Mine with Google+ integration that essentially tracks what users own or would like to own, according to a new report.

The unofficial Google Operating System blog, which has a good track record, leaked the service on Friday. It said Google is testing Google Mine behind closed doors and that the service lets users organise the things they own, use, wish for, etc, such as gadgets, clothing, electronics, DVDs, cars and bikes. 

An alleged screen shot of Google Mine's authorisation box said Google Mine will specifically enable users to share belongings with friends and keep up to date with what friends are sharing. In other words, Google Mine is a lot like review website GDGT. 


Google Mine enables social interactions with Circles on Google+, as well. Examples include the ability to catalogue and track possessions for friends to see, review and rate belongings, send requests to borrow stuff, get recommendations for more goods, share things, upload photos and publish updates on the Google+ stream. Users can even browse and search for friends' belongings.

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The unofficial Google Operating System blog further provided bits of internal codes that suggest what users can actually enter into the service. Users can change - for instance - the status of an object to "lent", "given away", "got it back", "lost it" and "had in the past". 

There's also apparently an Android app for Google Mine on Google's Bazaar internal Play Store. Other features include a What's Hot section for following what others are sharing and a 3D viewer that uses WebGL to shows objects.

Writing by Elyse Betters.