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(Pocket-lint) - Google updated Google+ on Thursday with improved notifications and syncing across all devices, as well as enhanced functions for Photos, posts, etc, and a more consistent design on the social network's Android app.

Google+ notifications are easier to manage across both the mobile and desktop versions. When a Google+ user reads a notification on their desktop, for instance, it will now mark as read on the Android version of Google+. Dismissing notifications will also sync across all devices.

Google further updated the look and feel of notifications. A new bell icon appears in the Google Bar and in the mobile apps to let users know if anything is waiting for them, while an upgraded notification tray now separates unread from previously read items.


"We're rolling out these notifications improvements gradually — first on Android and the web, then on iOS," wrote Balaji Srinivasan, a Google engineer, on Google+. 

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Google will also release a new version of its Google+ for Android app that allows mobile users to delete photos from the Photos view and tap into posts to show the number of +1's, comments and reshares. Google has even revamped the app's left-hand menu design so it is more consistent with other Google apps.

Visit Google Play today for the Android app update, but keep an eye out for the new notification icon as it rolls out over the next few days.

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Google last updated Google+ when it updated its iOS app in May with huge improvements to photos and the stream. The overhauled app added a new photo experience that included the ability to browse highlights from photos, share short animations and panoramas, and make photos look better with Auto Enhance. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.