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(Pocket-lint) - Moga has revealed that it will be unveiling two new gaming accessories for Android at E3, starting today in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The new Mogo Power series controllers work in the same way as the previously released Mogo Pocket and Moga Pro, but add power into the mix, so you'll be able to charge your smartphone as you play.

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Moga hasn't yet revealed exactly how this configuration works, we're guessing there's an internal rechargeable battery so you can plug your phone in. Moga is calling it Moga Boost.

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"With this next generation of Moga mobile game controllers, Moga firmly establishes itself as the leader in the industry," said Eric Bensussen, president and co-founder of PowerA, the parent company behind the Moga brand.

Some aspects of the controller stay the same as the existing devices. Although the Moga Power series boasts improved ergonomics, the principle design remains the same, with a Pro controller the larger of the two and a smaller pocketable, better suited to gaming on the move.

There is a notable change for the smaller controller however, as it now offers clickable thumbsticks, which the last-gen Moga Pocket doesn’t, there's also a d-pad.

Elsewhere the new Moga Power Series controllers will offer improved Bluetooth radios.

There's no word on pricing, but Moga says that the new controllers will be available in the autumn in the US. As the Moga Pocket and Moga Pro are only just coming to the UK, we'll wait to see if they cross the pond.

We expect to hear more on the Moga Power Series once E3 starts in earnest.

Writing by Chris Hall.