Google announced in May that Chrome for iOS would soon get enhanced voice search and voice recognition, and now the updated app is officially live. 

The new features include improved voice search, so users can say what they want and get results without typing, as well as faster voice recognition with "text streamed on the fly" and the ability to get answers spoken back with tailored web results. 

The upgraded version of Chrome 27 also brought security improvements and bug fixes, as well as faster page reloading for normal use and when the "network is slow or unavailable". 

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Google previously said today's upgrade would chiefly allow Chrome for iOS users to speak their search into the omnibox. Users will simply touch the microphone, say their search query aloud and then browse or hear the results, the internet giant explained.

The upgraded search functionality in Chrome for iOS follows last month's arrival of Google Chrome version 27 and its snazzy Conversational Search feature.In addition, Google recently revamped Chrome for Android so that users can see search queries in the omnibox instead of the long search URL.

The latest version of Chrome for iOS is available now in Apple's App Store.