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(Pocket-lint) - As Pocket-lint exclusively revealed a couple of days ago, there will be a HTC One Google Edition.

Dubbed by the Taiwanese manufacturer the HTC One with a Nexus user experience, the phone will come with stock Android rather than HTCs Sense 5, as found on the conventional HTC One. The build of the phone will be identical to the current model, but the operating system will be effectively identical to that found on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition and the software giant's own Nexus 4.

The special edition handset will be available in the States from 26 June, and will cost the same as the current HTC One - $599 (£394) SIM-free. HTC hints that it will be available outside of the US in time, but as we explained in our previous story, numbers of the Nexus experience handset will be very limited.

HTC has been in contact with Pocket-lint to give us the following statement: "The special edition of the HTC One has the potential to expand to other markets in the future."

Google was the first to officially announce the new tie-in during the AllThingsD D11 conference, with the company's senior vice-president for Android Sundar Pichai revealing that he had a stock Android HTC One in his pocket, while being interviewed by Walt Mossberg.

He also revealed that Google will be continuing with its own-branded Nexus devices, even as it explores other manufacturer partnerships like this one with HTC and the recent Galaxy S4 tie-in with Samsung. However, that might not be with LG, the maker of the Nexus 4, as a senior executive at the Korean company said it wasn't interested in building another Nexus smartphone in the future.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.