Google+ for iOS updated on Tuesday with huge improvements to photos and the stream.

The revamped app features an overhauled photo experience that includes the ability to browse highlights from photos, share short animations and panoramas, and make photos look better with Auto Enhance. Today's photo tweaks update follows a recent roll-out of similar features to Google+ for Android.

Google again warned users in the app's description that Hangouts has moved to its own app for messaging and video calls, but Google+ for iOS is still feature-rich with new interactive Google Offer posts in the stream and options for users to edit more profile fields, upload cover photos and control What's Hot posts in the stream. 

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Google+ also included the new hashtags feature from its Android app, so users can now discover interesting content more easily. The hashtags will appear in the top right of Google+ posts and reveal relevant streams of content. The refreshed app further added support for displaying strikethrough text and functions for editing comments and copying permalinks to posts.

Grab the latest version of Google + for iOS on Apple's App Store now.