(Pocket-lint) - Google is known for search, first and foremost, and so it's no surprise when the company announces it has improved search features in some of its most popular products such as Gmail and Google Search.  

Google opened a field trial last autumn so users could find relevant Drive files, Calendar events, etc, whenever they searched in Gmail, but the company revealed on Thursday that it would officially open the feature in English to all US users. The ability to search for related content in Gmail will roll out over the coming week. 

Speaking of search, Google also introduced on Thursday the ability to find Google+ photos more easily on Google Search. Google said folks could use the feature to find, for instance, a friend’s wedding photos or pictures from a concert. 

But that's not all: Google said it had now started using computer vision and machine learning to understand what users are searching for and recognise more general concepts in photos. To test the feature, go to Google.com, sign in and try searching for "my photos" or "my photos from Las Vegas last year". The feature is also available for Google+ Photos.

Google hasn't stopped updating apps and products since its I/O 2013 conference last week. Recent refreshes include Google Trends, Google+, Google Drive and Chrome for iOS and Android.

Writing by Elyse Betters.