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(Pocket-lint) - Sherpa has announced that it is developing a voice-controlled digital assistant specifically for Android-based smart glasses and wearables, such as Google Glass.

Talking at the first Sherpa Summit in Bilbao, Spain, Xabier Uribe-Etxebarria, CEO and founder of Sherpa, said: "Sherpa is committed to delivering rich and natural interfaces for our digital lives, and we are confident that we can make the user experience with Google Glass and other wearable computing devices much better than it is today."

Sherpa was announced in the UK in April 2013, following a successful launch initially in Spain and Latin America. The intuitive digital assistant aims to make more of your query, providing clever responses, rather than just links.


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With a collection of partnerships in place, you can, for example, make PayPal payments via Sherpa, as well as doing normal things like post updates to Facebook or Twitter, check your calendar, trigger navigation directions and a whole lot more.

The aim is to take the voice-control functions of Android above and beyond what is natively offered by Google.

While Sherpa is working on a version to make Google Glass more useful, you can get Sherpa on your Android smartphone for free via Google Play.

Writing by Chris Hall.
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