Google refreshed its Drive app for Android on Wednesday with card-style design tweaks and a streamlined way to track and scan documents.

The company detailed the changes in a post on the official Google Drive blog, and it first described how Drive files are now displayed card-style.

"You can swipe between files to see large previews that let you quickly review and discover the information you’re looking for," wrote Google. "And if you want to keep some Drive files on your Android device, you’ll now be able to 'download a copy' from the actions menu inside settings."

The update also allows users to keep track of documents through a simple scan, upload and search process. Click “Scan” from the Add New menu, and then take a photo of the document, and Drive will promptly create a PDF with search-friendly Optical Character Recognition and safely store it.

In addition, Google Sheets received some updates today too: users can now change font types and sizes for a spreadsheet and play with cell text colours and cell alignment within the app.

"Plus, the Drive app comes with Cloud Print support so you can print anything from Drive with a Cloud Ready printer - perfect if you need to, say, print that extra resume right before a job interview," Google added.

The latest version of Google Drive is available on Google Play now.