Google Chrome version 27 has arrived, and with it you can now use the snazzy Conversational Search functionality showcased during Google I/O last week.

All you need to do is install the latest version of Chrome, or the update if you already use the browser, and the general Google search page will show a microphone icon in the search bar. Click on that and you'll be taken to a separate page with a large Conversational Search icon. You can then search for anything you like using just the power of your voice.

The conversational part of the feature comes about with an intuitive, context-based search process. It remembers the subject you initially searched for and uses that as the bedrock for further questions. For example, ask who the male lead of Footloose was, and then how old he is, it will first tell you it was Kevin Bacon and then his age, as it understands who you were referring to.

At present, presumably because it has just hit and is being overused, the feature only works part of the time. Pocket-lint is often seeing a "no internet connection" message when it's clear that we do have a connection.

Perseverance is key.