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(Pocket-lint) - Google today showed off its vision for the future of Google Maps at Google I/O in San Francisco.

Using three main objectives, Google set about redesigning Google Maps from the ground up, with new maps that aim to be built for you, are more immersive using rich imagery and by making the map itself the user interface.

Aiming for a fullscreen experience, the new Google Maps demonstrated today running in Chrome looked slick and fast, with the ability to fly into images so they're not just static, but seem to bring the map alive.

Google Maps wants to be built for you and can use the same sort of data as gathered through Google Now, so when you look at a map it will be better at bringing up the data that's important to you.


Other examples of how the map can be tailored to your needs were also demonstrated, with Google showing off how unnamed roads will get their labels when you click on a location that might require you to use those nearby roads to get there.

When it comes to directions, you'll be able to get those just from clicking on the maps, with results coming up that compare driving with public transport, so you can see which is the better option.

There's also a new schedule viewer so you can get more detail on public transport and figure out when you'll be able to get the best journey to your location.

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To help you explore, Google is also bringing the 3D Google Earth experience to Google Maps, so you'll be able to explore in more detail. For example, you'll be able to look around the exterior of a landmark, as well as being able to explore the inside of a building from uploaded user photos. 

Sticking to the Google Earth experience, you'll be able to zoom right out and see the planet in space, with real time clouds, rotate the planet and so on.

The best bit is that the new Google Maps experience will be available straight away if you're attending Google I/O. For everyone else, you'll have to sign up for the preview.

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Writing by Chris Hall.
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