Google has announced a redesign and new features for its Google Maps applications for Android and iOS.

Several features have been shown (using a Nexus 4) during the company's Google I/O developers conference, including a new offers experience which adds vouchers for local businesses and retailers in your area. And there are several improvements to navigation, including dynamic rerouting, which changes the turn-by-turn satnav route depending on traffic or accidents ahead.

It will add a five-point ratings system for restaurants and the like, which can be drawn from professional and friends' reviews. You will be able to search on the map for an Indian restaurant, for example, and it will bring up those that are local to you, with reviews and details. If any participate in the offers experience incentive, you will also be presented with vouchers for money off or more.

Retailers with offers are shown as a blue tag on the map.

It's coming this summer to Android smartphones and iPhone. A tablet-specific version will also be available with even more features, including Explore, an all-new way to find the sort of things in the area that you are most interested in. Tags can be chosen, such as "sleep" and "eat" and the local vendors that serve either of those functions immediately pop up.

The new tablet version will also have bigger maps to use the extra real estate afforded by an iPad or Android slate.