Google has announced new features to help manage and improve your Google+ images, so rather than wading through all your pictures, you'll be able to jump straight to highlights and find those pictures important to you.

Previously, Google announced that it was restructuring how it managed users' cloud storage, pulling together the separate storage capacities to give you 15GB of storage across your Google areas.

The new Photo Highlights feature will give you quick access to higher-resolution shots of your important pictures. Google will filter your images based on how good the photo is, whether there are important faces, like friends or family, as well as being able to recognise locations.

Heading to Hawaii on your honeymoon? Google will recognise where you've been and make it a highlight.

But that's not all, as Google also wants to make you look better, offering a range of corrections that you can apply to photos. That might be removing noise, it might be boosting the contrast, but the aim is to make it easy to make the photos you've taken look the best they can.

In addition, Google has introduced new "auto awesome" animations. This will scan your picture and create short animations, so if you've taken a burst of photos, it will turn it into an action animation, rather than just being a static collection of images.

There at five "awesome" animations and you should see the results when you head into your Google+ photos.

The new features were announced at the opening of Google I/O 2013 in San Francisco.