Google has lifted the lid on its Google+ Hangouts applications for Android, iOS and the web. It is basically the company's answer to Skype and other live video-calling and messaging services and is launching today.

The apps have been designed by Google to allow people to communicate with each other across platforms over the internet without worrying what type of message to use, or what device their contact may own. It can be used to video call, talk, text, share photos and much more. Notifications too, will be synced across devices.

Live group video chat is available on the service as well and the hub is based around the conversations you have with your Google+ friends, colleagues and acquaintances, rather than focus on each person more than what you have to say to each other.

The unified messaging service has been rumoured for a while, mainly under the codename Babel.

Keep checking the app stores both on iTunes and Google Play to download the new apps.

Update: The apps are now available to download from iTunes and Google Play as an update to the Google Talk app. Let us know how it works!

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