Google has introduced 41 new features to Google+ as the company looks to develop its social network.

Focusing on the stream, Google wants to shake things up and add depth to the stream on Google+. Starting immediately, Google+ will have a new multi-column design, that's responsive and based around the size of your browser.

You'll be able to tailor the experience, so if you prefer a single-column view, you'll be able to return to that, and there will be plenty of animations and double column posts to make G+ more engaging.

Google is also leveraging hashtags and will scan and tag posts automatically, to help keep things organised. Once tagged, you'll be able to flip posts and find related content around that tag.

Cleverly, Google will also apply image recognition, so if you take a picture of a landmark, Google+ will be able to serve up related content. Of course, you'll have the option to remove tags if they're wrong.

Google made the announcements at Google I/O in San Francisco.