To show a new feature of Google Chrome, the software giant used its first day keynote at Google I/O to launch Racer, an in-browser game that can be played on multiple screens that add together in a jigsaw fashion to create the playing field.

As it runs on HTML5, Racer can even be played on devices other than Android smartphones and tablets. It will run just as effectively through Chrome on iOS and Windows 8 mobile devices.

The game is essentially a basic version of Scalextric crossed with Super Sprint. Each player has control of a tiny block that represents a car and the track appears over a number of devices. For each device used, it adds an extra player, so, for example, if you have five devices side by side you can have five players, one for each device. They then tap their respective screen to keep the car on the track. Go too fast at the corners and they'll fly off.

The important part is that it runs entirely in browser.

You can check out Racer by pointing your phone or tablet to when in the Google Chrome application. It will be interesting to see how Google plans to use this technology next.