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(Pocket-lint) - Google has plans for a three-hour keynote to kick-off Google I/O on Wednesday. Among Google's announcements will be the long-awaited music subscription service out of Mountain View, set to compete with industry leader Spotify, according to the New York Times and The Verge

Fortune was first to report on the service earlier this year. The publication said one aspect will use Google Play to buy, store and sort tracks for a subscription fee. Another aspect will come to YouTube, which Fortune said Google would leverage YouTube to stream music to users for free with ads.

In the latest report from the New York Times, the publication says Google has plans to announce the service as early as Wednesday. It will come to Google Play and let users download and store tracks in a "locker" like format. There will reportedly be no free tier and users will be required to pay for the streaming service, for a price similar to that offered by Spotify, RDIO and others. The New York Times did not mention the YouTube functionality, like Fortune. 


The Verge has added a bit of context to what's happening behind the scenes at Google to get the subscription music service off the ground. It is said that Google has now come to agreements with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment for both music to stream on YouTube and Google Play, adding a bit of credence to Fortune's report which mentioned YouTube a few months ago. It's worth noting that Warner had already signed - that now makes all three major players.

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By launching the streaming service at Google I/O on Wednesday, Google will have a leg up on Apple which is said to be working for its own iRadio service. Pandora, Spotify, RDIO and other companies have dominated the space for quite some time and now the big players want to get into the game. 

There's no word on pricing or availability. However, you bet Pocket-lint will be bringing you the latest when Larry Page and Co. take the stage at Google I/O on Wedensday. Keep it locked to our Google hub for the latest developments.

Writing by Jake Smith.